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Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
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Personal Shopper and Virtual Personal Stylist

Do you want to not only look stylish on the outside, but also feel great on the inside? A personal shopper can do that for you!

Together, let’s discover your personal style which will allow you to express yourself, feel confident, and look great!

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Personal Shopping

My mission with Dressed by Tess is to help women and men of all backgrounds find their personal style with the help of a personal stylist. I believe that everyone should feel great walking down the street, going to work, or having dinner when we can! Having a high quality capsule wardrobe not only saves you time when getting dressed, but also makes you excited to select your day’s outfit.

Let me, your personal shopper, take out all of the stress you may associate with fashion. I'm confident that with my knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice, you will come out of your coaching session feeling strong, confident, and beautiful!

My Services

for you

Personal Shopper

I’ll help you discover your personal style and find the right clothing and accessories that best fit your personality and body shape in order to have you looking and feeling your best each and every single day! This can be done virtually or face to face.

Wardrobe Makeover

Together we will go through and organize your wardrobe by removing pieces that no longer suit you, highlight the best items in your closet, and discover new ways to wear your favorite pieces. This can be done virtually or face to face.

Luxury Shopping

Using my resources, I can locate that special item you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. Whether it’s a luxury good or a collection from a specific French boutique. I’ll do all of the personal shopping for you while you relax at home and wait for that delivery!

Fashion Advice

Do you need quick, honest, and useful fashion advice before deciding on an outfit? Or perhaps you need a pair of non-biased eyes before committing to an online purchase? Maybe it’s an important video call with your boss? Contact me, your personal shopper & stylist and let me help you make informed fashion choices.

Do you want have great style?

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that you love each item in your closet and that you will look and feel GREAT no matter which pieces you choose! Having a personal stylist can do that for you. Let my first-hand experience with the comfort and trends of American fashion mixed with the chic and effortless French style help make your wardrobe makeover fabulous and unique, just like you!

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Imagine hearing: "Wow, you've got great style!"

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